2011 Irish Festival in the Works!

The team of volunteers has started to work on the particulars of the 2011 Church Hill Irish Festival in Richmond, Virginia. We have a full slate of bands and other entertainment in the works and more on that will be coming soon.

For now, we can only confirm the dates, so mark your calendars for March 26 and March 27 and check back soon!

21 thoughts on “2011 Irish Festival in the Works!

  1. Where can 2011 vendor information be found? If that is not available yet could you forward a contact to me? Our nonprofit would like to attend this year.


  2. Please contact Stokes McCune ( stokesmccune [at] aol [dot] com ) for vendor information. He can assist you.

  3. Why not the 19th and 20th? Is it up for negociation? The Shuk n Pull is the 26th and I have to work the 27th… :(

  4. The Richmond Lions Rugby Football Club would like to inquire about having a table or booth set up so we can promote the Club and the sport, gain some recruits and generally give the fesitval goers something to do inbetween bands or beer. Who do I contact about this? http://www.richmondlions.com is out website.

  5. Sorry we always move the date when st. Patrick day hits on a Thursday. We do this because our bands volunteer their time and we don’t want to interfere with their paid gigs that weekend. Thanks

  6. Hi…definitely want a space this year. Same location please.
    Cathy….1000 Oaks Barrel Company

  7. I was wondering if it was possible to make a special beverage request. Specifically, I think it would be nice to have a hard cider option on the beer truck.

  8. I totally 3rd the hard cider option and am looking forward to the festival this year! Excited to hear about vendors and other info for the weekend.

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  10. I’ve tried to get vendor info on 2 prior occasions but didn’t get any reply. I’m sure it’s too late for this year, but could I get on the vendor list for next year?

  11. Jameson – as long as Jameson Whiskey is there, we will be there….no matter the date….no matter the weather….

  12. Hi Stokes,
    We are definitely planning on coming back this year. Same space still possible?
    See you this weekend.
    Nancy Fassett
    Glory in Glass

  13. What kind of handicapped accessibility is there at this festival? My Mom uses a walker and must sit down frequently and I am wondering if this would be too much walking around for her.

  14. Stokes,
    I see the dates have changed, thanks for the information. Same space, by the food court? I am looking forward to this event, and I hope we have great weather. If you need to call me for any reason, my cell number is 804-920-1590.

    See you soon,

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